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"Just like a healthy diet, what you put on your skin is important. Your skin is your largest organ and one of the most vulnerable."


Tiffiny Wallace is the owner & head skin care chef at CoCoNola Skincare. She started the company in her kitchen and still makes every single item there today.  It takes a lot of support from friends and family to live a dream like small business ownership and there are many other WHO'S that make CoCoNola Skincare what it is today.  We love all y'all so much.




"Skincare should actually take care of the skin, and we are just not getting that from today's commercial products." 

CoCoNola Skincare started in 2014 to help the owner with sensitive skin issues. She developed her recipes to help those with eczema, psoriasis and allergies. Just like a healthy diet, what you put on your skin matters. See the difference for yourself  when you use the healing properties of plant oils, essential oils, honey & beeswax, shea butter, and not much more!

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"Our products are proudly made with heart and soul in New Orleans, LA."

If you haven't visited New Orleans, you should put it on your list. Just like CoCoNola Skincare, New Orleans is 100% real, natural, and raw. She doesn't lie and will have you in love with her majestic river and abundance of flowering trees. Stroll the streets of a town where you will find more hand made things than malls; More music than talk; and more love and warmth than you knew still existed in this day and age.

 Cest' le bon temps roule!!